A Review on Anaemia of Chronic Disease

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Dr. Sonam Singh, Dr. Lokesh Sachdev


The objective of this survey was to assess the predominance of anemia among adolescent males and females in the far western areas of India and different countries. Patients and Methods: For determine prevalence and distribution an existing data for survey is used of anemia. This anemia is in terms of age and gender among adolescents population. An method called Cyanmethaemoglobin is used to determine Hemoglobin level. The statics further helps in summarizing data.

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, D. S. S. D. L. S. (2017). A Review on Anaemia of Chronic Disease. International Journal on Recent Trends in Life Science and Mathematics, 4(9), 19–22. Retrieved from https://www.ijlsm.org/index.php/ijlsm/article/view/113