On Some Multiplicative Topological Indices

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M. Bhanumathi, K. Easu Julia Rani


The topological indices correlate certain physicochemical properties such as boiling point, stability of chemical compounds. In this paper, we compute the first and second Multiplicative Zagreb indices , the first and second multiplicative hyper Zagreb indices, first and second Multiplicative modified Zagreb indices, the multiplicative First and second Zagreb polynomial, multiplicative ABC index, multiplicative GA index, multiplicative Fifth GA index, multiplicative Fourth ABC index and multiplicative Augmented Zagreb index for some special graphs.

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, M. B. K. E. J. R. (2017). On Some Multiplicative Topological Indices. International Journal on Recent Trends in Life Science and Mathematics, 4(9), 09–18. Retrieved from https://www.ijlsm.org/index.php/ijlsm/article/view/112